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Who Uses Omniva Telehealth?

Mental Health Professionals Icon
Mental Health Professionals

Consultations related to mental health are the best when patients can connect remotely from any part of the world over video/audio calls. Omniva makes it possible.

Chiropractors Icon

Broaden chiropractic care horizons with seamless appointment booking & remote patient consultations with Omniva Telehealth.

Massage Therapists Icon
Massage Therapists

Massage experts can expand their reach and convenience by offering online 1:1 consultations and connecting seamlessly with clients.

Social Workers Icon
Social Workers

Strengthen client connections without a geographical barrier. Simplify social work with Omniva Telehealth, a secure platform to connect online.

Occupational Therapists Icon
Occupational Therapists

Deliver occupational therapy sessions seamlessly in groups or individually through Omniva Telehealth platform to go beyond physical visits.

What makes an Omniva Telehealth Unique?

Appointment Scheduling
Appointment Scheduling

Omniva Telehealth streamlines the appointment scheduling process for everyone involved. Patients can take charge by setting up video, phone, or chat visits on our easy app and website. Omniva Telehealth enables clinics to provide medical care remotely.

Remote Video & Audio Calls
Secure Audio & Video Calls

Experience crystal-clear video & audio calls with screen sharing. Host secure 1:1 appointments or group calls for consultations, couple therapy, or team meetings. Omniva Telehealth lets clinics and healthcare providers prioritize the privacy and security of your consultations. The solution facilitates crystal-clear video and audio calls, allowing you to connect seamlessly with patients.

E Prescription & Clinical Notes
E- Prescription & Clinical Notes

Improve efficiency with e-prescriptions sent directly via email, SMS, or fax. Create detailed patient charts and write SOAP notes directly within the platform. Boost patient engagement by providing secure access to prescriptions and notes through web and mobile apps. Integrate with your existing EMR/EHR for a seamless experience.

Custom Domain & Branding
Custom Domain & Branding

Elevate your virtual clinic with Omniva’s custom domain & branding feature. Offer patients a seamless telehealth experience under your own trusted name. With Omniva, integrate your virtual care platform with your existing website, ensuring your brand name stands out and enhances patient trust. Make your health services uniquely yours today.


Leading Telehealth Platform Development Software Specifically Designed To Serve The Unique Needs of Clinics and Healthcare Professionals.

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Live Examples

Real-Time Telehealth Success Stories


Omniva built a telehealth platform for Telehealer that combined chronic care management with mental health support. It also allowed remote patient monitoring and secure video conferencing, improving accessibility and patient experience.

Pediatric Clinic In Canada
Pediatric Clinic in Canada

Omniva revolutionized telehealth for an upcoming pediatric clinic with custom software, enhancing communication between families and doctors with this user-friendly platform. This helped streamline appointments, expanded specialist access, and boosted patient engagement.


Omniva Telehealth helpful Integrations

Calendar Sync Icon
Calendar Sync

Connect your existing iCal, Google, or Outlook calendars to Omniva Telehealth and ensure automatic appointment scheduling based on the physician’s availability.

Ehremr Integration
EHR/EMR Integration

With EHR/EMR integration with Epic, Cerner, Oscar Pro, and more, Omniva becomes a seamless extension of your clinical workflow, allowing you to deliver exceptional patient care.


Create and send targeted email campaigns directly from your Omniva Telehealth platform with Mailchimp integration.


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