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Industry challenges

Healthcare Industry Roadblocks

Geographical Barriers
Geographical barriers

Geographical barriers between the patient and doctor can restrict timely care from reaching the patient. The only way to solve this problem is by remote video/audio consultation.

Access To Specialists At Remote Locations
Access to specialists at remote locations

Individuals living in remote or rural areas often have limited access to medical services, specialists, and timely care. This can lead to delayed diagnoses, treatment, and poorer healthcare. This calls for the need for innovative solutions such as telemedicine.

Inconvenience Of In Person Visits
Inconvenience of in-person visits

Visiting healthcare providers in person can be time-consuming and costly as it involves traveling to hospitals and clinics. It can affect those with mobility issues or residing in remote areas.

Features of Telemedicine

Exploring Key Features of Telemedicine

Secure Video Audio Call Img New
Secure Video & Audio Call

Patients can consult with doctors seamlessly through high-quality video and audio calls from anywhere. This can help save the time of both healthcare professionals and patients.

Scheduling With Calendar Integration Img New
Scheduling with Calendar Integration

Effortless appointment booking through integrated calendars to seamlessly manage patients’ healthcare journey. Our solution enables convenient scheduling that fits the patient and doctor’s routine.

Web Mobile App For Easy Access New Img
Web & Mobile App for Easy Access

Convenient telemedicine service through our user-friendly web and mobile apps. Let patients receive care on their terms, anywhere, ensuring seamless and accessible health support.

Secure and reliable telehealth platforms

Telemedicine App Development Features

Videoaudio Conferencing
Video/Audio Conferencing

Patients have access to seamless video and audio conferencing with dynamic video quality for glitch-free sessions.

Booking Online Appointments
Booking Online Appointments

Patients can use the app to manage appointments effortlessly as the platform syncs with Google Calendar.

Profile Management
Profile Management

Our telemedicine app ensures that a patient’s EHR data is secure and only available to the concerned healthcare provider.

Secure Communication Channels 1
Secure Communication

Doctors can ensure a secure communication with patients through encrypted messaging systems, protecting the privacy of medical details shared.

Seamless Ehr Integration
Seamless EHR Integration

Our solution’s integration with EHRs enables doctors to access patients’ medical histories, lab results, to get a complete understanding of their health.

Prescription Management
Prescription Management

Doctors can use our solution to prescribe medicines electronically, minimizing paperwork and enhancing efficiency.

Development Process

Here’s how we develop the Telemedicine solution

Reach out to us

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Understand & Evaluate Idea

  • We understand and analyze your idea
  • creating a strategic workflow

Sign NDA & Contract

  • Upon signing the NDA and contract
  • our team will promptly start your software development.

Prepare Plan

  • Includes estimates
  • budgeting
  • and strategic planning for your innovative digital healthcare

Start Working

  • After you finalize the contract,
  • we’ll start working and bring your vision to life.

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General FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions

Telemedicine solutions offer remote medical consultations and health services through digital platforms, connecting patients with healthcare providers virtually.

Our telemedicine platform ensures encrypted video and audio calls, maintaining patient confidentiality and privacy during remote consultations.

Yes, our solution includes calendar integration, allowing you to schedule appointments conveniently and manage your healthcare journey efficiently.

We offer both web and mobile apps for easy access. You can choose the platform that is suitable to you, ensuring seamless connection of patients with healthcare professionals.

Telemedicine is suitable for various non-emergency medical needs such as consultations, follow-ups, prescription refills, and wellness checks, providing accessible healthcare from a distance.