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Industry challenges

Healthcare Industry Roadblocks

Absence Of Standardization
Absence of standardization

There are no uniform standards and guidelines for EHRs and healthcare systems that enable a smooth exchange of information among them.

Non Integrated Systems
Non-integrated systems

Healthcare systems are not integrated & the process to make them interoperable is quite challenging for older systems in particular.

Features of EHR/EMR Interoperability

Exploring Key Features of EHR/EMR Interoperability

Standardized Data Exchange
Standardized Data Exchange

Our EHR/EMR interoperability services enable use of standard formats for health data exchange to help different systems exchange data easily without risk of errors.

Data Integration New Img
Data Integration

Our EHR/EMR interoperability services make it easy to integrate data from numerous sources, including lab reports, imaging systems, and health monitoring devices. This helps provide a comprehensive view of patient health.

Patient Portal Integration
Patient Portal Integration

With the patient portal integration of our services, it is easy for patients to access their medical records, book appointments with healthcare providers, and connect with them online.

Secure and reliable EHR/EMR Interoperability

EHR/EMR Interoperability Development Features

Data Analytics
Data Analytics

Knovator’s offers electronic medical record systems that use AI and machine learning to analyze huge volumes of data to track performance and provide better care.

Interoperable Standards
Interoperable Standards

We use standard formats and protocols such as HL7, CDA & FHIR so that it is easy for EHR/EMR systems to understand and utilize medical information.

Consent Management
Consent management

There are tools that handle patient consent and whether or not they prefer sharing their data. Patients can decide who can access their records.

Audit Trail
Audit Trail

Our service ensures compliance with standards & checks for security by maintaining an audit trail that lets healthcare companies know whenever someone accesses patient data.

Data Security
Data Security

With data security and privacy of patient records on top priority, there is data encryption, access controls, and measures to authenticate access.

Clinical Decision Support
Clinical Decision Support

With our interoperability services you have clinical decision support tools that you can use to send notifications, reminders & real-time guidance to healthcare providers.

Public Health Reporting
Public Health Reporting

Reporting health concerns, chronic & infectious diseases to authorities is now easier with our interoperability services. It helps to take charge of an outbreak.

Telemedicine Support
Telemedicine Support

With the wide use of telemedicine, our services let healthcare providers connect with patients virtually and access their records while ensuring complete security of data.

Health Information Exchange
Health Information Exchange

Our services are made for organizations that exchange health information that works the link to share patient records among healthcare providers.

Vendor Neutrality
Vendor Neutrality

Our interoperability solutions are vendor-neutral so that you don’t have to rely on certain EHR vendors and explore more options.

Development Process

Here’s how we develop the EHR/EMR Interoperability solution

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