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Industry challenges

Healthcare Industry Roadblocks

Lack Of Medical Awareness
Lack of medical awareness

Understanding complicated medical jargon is tough for patients. To fill in the gap, there’s a need for patient engagement solutions that offer patients the most easy-to-understand information about their health.

Lack Of Preventive Care
Lack of preventive care

Making lifestyle changes and timely medical interventions can help prevent or manage most health conditions. The lack of this approach doesn’t let patients live a longer & healthier life.

Poor Patient Satisfaction
Poor Patient Satisfaction

Not engaging patients in their treatment can leave them unhappy and reduce their overall satisfaction with the healthcare service provided.

Features of Patient Engagement

Exploring Key Features of Patient Engagement

Tools For Health Monitoring And Self Management New Img
Tools for Health Monitoring and Self-Management

Using wearable devices to monitor health enables patients to proactively take part in their healthcare by keeping tabs on vitals and notify patients about abnormal readings. Managing medication and personalized care assist individuals in following their treatment schedules.

Patient Portals New Img
Patient Portals

Patients can easily access all their health records and medical history through online portals. Scheduling appointments with healthcare providers is easier with them.

Telehealth And Virtual Visits New Img
Telehealth and Virtual Visits

Patients can consult healthcare providers virtually from any location with the help of telehealth solutions. This is immensely helpful when in-person visits are not possible.

Secure and reliable Patient Engagement platforms

Patient Engagement App Development Features

For Patients
Personal Health Records
Personal health records

Knovator’s patient engagement solution ensures safe storage and easy access to personal health records and medical history enabling patients to keep track of their treatment.

Medication Monitoring And Alerts
Health Monitoring

Integration of the solution with wearable devices enables sending notifications to patients in case of irregular readings or potential health concerns.

Managing Medication
Managing medication

There’s information on the side effects of medicines and possible interactions with reminders for patients to consume the right dosage on time.

Personalized Care Plans
Personalized care plans

Knovator’s solution can create tailored care plans for patients to meet their goals and enables them to track the progress made.

Alerts And Notifications
Reminders & Alerts

The app provides timely alerts to patients for upcoming appointments with healthcare providers and medicine doses.

Data Protection Compliance
Data security & privacy

The solution is carefully designed to ensure the complete safety of the patient’s sensitive data. We make sure that it is accessed only by authorized individuals.

For Doctors & Healthcare Providers
Virtual Visits
Virtual Consultations

Doctors can conduct video/audio consultations through our Patient Engagement app, which allows them to address patients’ issues remotely and prescribe medicines.

Profile Management
Access to patient information

With our Patient Engagement app’s integration with electronic health records, doctors can seamlessly access patients’ medical history and lab test reports.

E Prescribing

Through our Patient Engagement solution it is easy for doctors to create e-prescriptions & send the order to pharmacies straightaway. Checking for allergies is easier with a connected medicine database.

Secure Communication Channels 1
Secure Messaging

With our solutions, healthcare providers have a secure mode of communication to connect with patients & talk about further treatment.

Internal Coordination Tools
Internal Coordination Tools

Our solutions have collaborative tools to enable healthcare providers to communicate among themselves to make it easier for them to provide the best possible care to patients.

Secure Document Sharing
Secure Document Sharing

Knovator helps healthcare providers share documents such as prescriptions, lab reports, and medical images seamlessly.

Development Process

Here’s how we develop the Patient engagement solution

Reach out to us

  • Searching for a robust telehealth app? Look no further than Knovator Technologies. We excel in transforming education business concepts into reality.

Understand & Evaluate Idea

  • We understand and analyze your idea
  • creating a strategic workflow

Sign NDA & Contract

  • Upon signing the NDA and contract
  • our team will promptly start your software development.

Prepare Plan

  • Includes estimates
  • budgeting
  • and strategic planning for your innovative digital healthcare product

Start Working

  • After you finalize the contract
  • we’ll start working and bring your vision to life.

Our Happy Customers

General FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s a technology that empowers patients to actively participate in their healthcare journey, enhancing communication and collaboration with healthcare providers.

Our Patient Engagement Solution improves health outcomes through education, self-management tools, and seamless communication with healthcare teams, fostering a proactive approach to well-being.

Yes, our Patient Engagement Solution often includes features for patients to securely access and manage their medical records, promoting transparency and informed decision-making.

Knovator’s Patient Engagement Solutions provide messaging, video calls, and appointment scheduling features, enabling patients to interact with healthcare providers for consultations and queries easily.

Absolutely. Patient data security is a priority. Our solution adheres to strict privacy regulations, ensuring the confidentiality of patient health information throughout the engagement process.