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Build Your Healthcare Legacy With Branding

Create a lasting online legacy that reflects your values, contributions, and impact. Start building your digital space today and secure a permanent spot for your legacy to inspire future generations.

How it works?

Your Brand, Your Domain
Your brand, Your domain

Stand out from the crowd with a personalized custom clinic domain that lets patients easily find you and connect with your practice.

Custom Themes
Custom Themes

Show your patients who you are, and custom themes according to your brand let your brand shine online.

Multiple Languages
Multiple Languages

Remove the barrier to care and provide a multilingual custom space so patients can fully understand their treatment options and feel comfortable seeking care at your space.

Email & Notifications
Email & Notifications

Strengthen patient relationships beyond the appointment by sending personalized emails and notifications branded with your clinic’s logo and colors.


Leading Telehealth Platform Development Software Specifically Designed To Serve The Unique Needs of Clinics and Healthcare Professionals.

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Omniva Features

Appointment Scheduling Icon
Appointment Scheduling

Simplify appointment management with a user-friendly system that reduces wait times and optimizes patient flow.

E Prescription & Clinical Notes Icon
E-Prescription & Clinical Notes

Streamline workflows, reduce medications errors and enhance patient care with e-prescription and secure, collaborative clinical note taking.

Digital Patient Forms Icon
Digital Patient Forms

Streamline patient intake with secure, digital forms for faster check-ins and more accurate information.

Online Billing Icon
Online Billing

Offer convenient online payment options for patients and expedite reimbursements with a secure billing system.

Mobile Apps Icon
Mobile App

Enhance operational efficiency, improve patient communication, and provide a seamless healthcare experience with a custom mobile app.

Patient Portal Icon
Patient Portal

Foster patient engagement and improve care coordination with a secure, user-friendly patient portal.


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General FAQ’s

Frequently asked question

A custom domain builds trust and professionalism, improves brand recognition, and makes it easier for patients to find you online.

Absolutely! Our platform offers a variety of themes and customization options to ensure your personal space reflects your unique brand identity.

No. Our platform makes it easy to create and manage content in multiple languages.

Branded communication fosters patient trust, improves appointment adherence, and strengthens patient relationships.

Please contact us for a free demo and customized quote.