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Industry challenges

Healthcare Industry Roadblocks

Late Detection Of Health Problems
Late detection of health problems

Late detection of health issues can lead to delayed treatment. It results from a lack of regular monitoring and screening, which is crucial for early identification of health abnormalities.

Higher Hospital Readmissions
Higher Hospital Readmissions

Without proper post-discharge care and remote patient monitoring, patient recovery doesn’t occur effectively, leading to more hospital readmissions.

Lower Patient Engagement
Lower Patient Engagement

By not involving patients actively in their treatment and not letting them manage their health can result in poorer health outcomes, decreased satisfaction with healthcare services, and an increased burden on the healthcare system.

Features of Remote Patient Monitoring

Exploring Key Features of Remote Patient Monitoring

Seamless Device Integration New Img
Seamless Device Integration

The app collects data in real-time with the help of digital devices that monitor BP, track heart rate, monitor glucose levels, and more.

Alerts And Notifications New Img
Alerts and Notifications

Patients receive alerts and notifications in case there is a change in the health parameters so that they can seek timely medical help.

Web Mobile App For Easy Access New Img
Web & Mobile App for Easy Access

Convenient remote monitoring service through our user-friendly apps. Let patients receive care on their terms, anywhere, ensuring seamless and accessible health support.

Secure and reliable Remote Patient Monitoring platforms

Remote Patient Monitoring App Development Features

Health Data Dashboard
Health Data Dashboard

With our solution, patients can access a unified dashboard showcasing health data, including vitals, glucose levels, weight, and more, with graphs to understand health trends.

Secure Video Audio Call 1
Secure Video & Audio Call

Through our solution, patients can consult with doctors seamlessly through high-quality video and audio calls from anywhere. This can help save the time of both healthcare professionals and patients.

Medication Monitoring And Alerts
Medication Monitoring and Alerts

Our Remote Patient Monitoring solution comes equipped with functionalities enabling patients to record their medications, set reminder alerts, and track their medicine consumption.

Real Time Data Monitoring
Real-time Data Monitoring

The solution helps doctors access real-time patient data with the help of wearable health monitoring devices, helping them swing into action in case of any abnormality.

Alerts And Notifications
Alerts and Notifications

The app alerts healthcare providers in real-time in case of a unexpected change in the patients health data to take swift action.

Data Analysis Tools
Data Analysis Tools

With the remote monitoring app, doctors can study patient reports, trends, and patterns for better decision-making.

Development Process

Here’s how we develop the Remote Patient Monitoring app

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General FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions

RPM is a technology that enables healthcare providers to monitor patients’ health data remotely, enhancing care and enabling early intervention.

RPM involves wearable devices and sensors that collect vital signs. Data is transmitted to healthcare providers, allowing real-time monitoring and timely care adjustments.

RPM offers proactive health management, early detection of issues, reduced hospitalizations, and personalized care plans, enhancing patient outcomes and convenience.

Yes, our RPM app provides user-friendly interfaces for patients and healthcare providers, ensuring easy access to health data and promoting transparent communication.

Absolutely. Our RPM technology employs encryption and follows HIPAA guidelines, ensuring patient data remains confidential and protected throughout remote monitoring.