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All-in-One Software To Build A Telehealth Platform For Chiropractors

Take control of your chiropractic practice with an efficient telehealth platform built with Omniva. Schedule appointments, manage billing & claims efficiently – all in one place.

Omniva’s Features for Chiropractors

Clinical Charts
Clinical Charts

Manage your patients’ chiropractic care effectively with Omniva’s integration with EHRs. Build a platform that lets you document SOAP notes, track treatment plans, and monitor progress – all in one place.

Appointment Management Icon
Appointment Scheduling

Simplify appointment scheduling with online booking and automated reminders. Reduce no-shows and give your patients the flexibility to schedule 24/7.

Billing & Invoices Icon
Billing & Claims

Streamline your billing system, integrate claims, and secure payment options. With easy-to-use tools and online submissions, you can focus on what matters most—your patients.

Electronic Health Records (ehr)
Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Maintain secure and centralized patient records with integration with EHR systems. Access patient information quickly and easily, improving both efficiency and quality of care.

Telehealth Platform
Telehealth Platform

Offer virtual consultations and appointments through your secure telehealth platform built with Omniva. Increase patient convenience and satisfaction while expanding your reach.

Patient Communication
Patient Communication

Enhance communication with patients through secure messaging and appointment reminders. Keep patients informed and engaged in their care plans.

Reporting & Analytics Icon
Reporting & Analytics

Comprehensive reporting and analytics tools can help you gain valuable insights into your practice. Track key metrics, and make data-driven decisions.

Why Is Omniva The Best Software To Build Your Telehealth Platform?

Boost Efficiency
Boost Efficiency

Reduce paperwork, free up your staff’s time, and see more patients with automated appointment scheduling and streamlined workflows.

Simplify Billing
Simplify Billing

Effortlessly manage billing and claims with built-in features and secure integrations. Get patients reimbursed faster and focus on catering to patient needs.

Enhanced Patient Care
Enhanced Patient Care

Maintain detailed patient records, track progress, and provide personalized care with an intuitive platform.

Improved Communication
Improved Communication

Communicate easily with patients through secure messaging and appointment reminders.

Telehealth Ready
Telehealth Ready

Offer convenient virtual consultations and expand your reach with your integrated telehealth platform built with Omniva.

Hippa Compliant
Enhanced Security

Keep patient data safe and secure with HIPAA-compliant features and secure cloud storage.

Scalable Growth
Scalable Solution

Our software grows with your practice. Add features and functionality as your business needs evolve.

See how Omniva can transform your chiropractic practice!


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General FAQ’s

Frequently asked question

Yes, Omniva offers integrations with popular billing software.

Yes, Omniva takes data security seriously and is fully HIPAA compliant.

Yes, Omniva is designed with user-friendliness in mind. Our intuitive interface is easy to learn and navigate.

Yes, Omniva provides comprehensive customer support via phone, email, and live chat.

We offer flexible pricing plans to suit the needs of your practice. Contact us for a quote.