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Omniva’s Unique Features Revamp Telehealth & Remote Healthcare

Explore Omniva Telehealth's innovative features to unveil a world of facilities and power your healthcare setup. With Omniva Telehealth, you can offer convenient healthcare. Explore a world of possibilities and take charge of your patient's well-being and comfort.

Omniva Telehealth Features List


Patient Profiles Icon
Patient Profiles

Patient Profiles helps manage patient demographic information, medical history, and medications.

Appointment Booking Icon
Appointment Booking

Reduce cancellations with automated appointment reminders and online scheduling flexibility for improved patient care coordination.

Secure Audio & Video Call
Secure Audio/Video/Chat Calls

Provide secure consultations knowing that all communication is encrypted and meets regulatory standards.

Followup Appointment Booking Icon
Followup Appointment Booking

Enhance patient engagement with automated reminders for scheduling essential follow-up telehealth consultations, ensuring timely treatment and improved patient outcomes.

Medical History Icon
Medical History

Improve appointment efficiency by reviewing patient charts remotely before, during, and after telehealth consultations, ensuring continuity of care.

Patient Intake Forms Icon
Patient Intake Forms

Boost efficiency and save time by leveraging digital intake forms for telehealth visits, minimizing paperwork and streamlining the intake process.

Alerts & Reminders Icon
Alerts & Reminders

Reduce no-shows and improve patient engagement by sending automated appointment reminders and important telehealth visit notifications directly through the app.

Billing & Invoices Icon
Billing & Invoices

Enhance financial transparency for your practice with easy access to billing details and invoice history directly within the platform.

Patient Digital Forms Icon
Patient Digital Forms

Streamline data collection and personalize patient interactions with secure, customizable digital forms. Gather essential information efficiently before consultation.

Resources Icon

Empower your practice with a comprehensive resource library featuring telehealth best practices, clinical guidelines, and educational materials to help patients stay informed.


Manage Appointment Icon
Calendar & Appointment Management

Enhance patient experience and staff productivity with a centralized calendar management system for telehealth visits, allowing for better communication and streamlined scheduling workflows.

Secure Audio & Video Call
Secure Audio/Video/Chat Calls

Improve patient engagement and improve clinical outcomes with high-quality video conferencing features that enable clear communication and remote examinations.

Medical History Icon
Clinical Notes & Medical History

Increase patient care continuity by securely storing and easily accessing detailed clinical notes and past medical history, ensuring a holistic view of each patient’s health for informed telehealth consultations.

Patient Digital Forms Icon
Patient Digital Forms

Enhance data quality and streamline workflows by leveraging online patient forms that automate data collection for telehealth consultations and minimize errors.

Alerts & Reminders Icon
Automated Alerts & Reminders

Boost patient engagement and reduce no-shows by leveraging automated appointment reminders and customizable telehealth visit notifications, ensuring patients are informed and prepared for their consultations.

Manage Availability Icon
Manage Availability

Enhance patient experience and reduce scheduling conflicts by clearly displaying availability within the app, empowering patients to book appointments that fit their needs while respecting your schedule.

E Prescription Icon

Offer a more convenient experience for patients by electronically sending prescriptions directly to their chosen pharmacy, eliminating the need for them to physically pick up paper prescriptions.

Reports & Analytics Icon
Reports & Analytics

Measure the success of your telehealth initiatives and identify areas for growth with customizable reports and analytics. Gain valuable insights into patient demographics, appointment trends, and overall telehealth clinic performance.

Support Staffs

Manage Patients Icon
Manage Patient

Simplify patient interactions and improve engagement with a user-friendly system for managing your patient base within the platform.

Manage Providers Icon
Manage Providers

Empower your team and optimize staffing by efficiently managing provider schedules, qualifications, and communication within the platform.

Manage Support Staff Icon
Manage Support Staff

Improve operational efficiency and staff satisfaction by effectively managing and delegating tasks to your telehealth support staff.

Manage Clinics Icon
Manage Clinics

Strengthen telehealth network management with a centralized system for overseeing all your clinics within theplatform.

Manage Services & Care Plans Icon
Manage Services & Care Plans

Deliver personalized and effective telehealth care with the ability to develop and manage customized care plans for each patient directly.

Manage Pricing Icon
Manage Pricing

Offer flexible and transparent pricing options, catering to diverse patient needs and fostering trust with clear upfront cost information displayed.

Manage Digital Forms Icon
Manage Digital Forms

Enhance patient engagement and personalize care with the ability to create and manage interactive digital forms.

Manage Resources Icon
Manage Resources

Improve staff training and offer better patient care with a user-friendly system for managing telehealth resources.

Manage Transaction Revenue Icon
Manage Transaction/Revenue

Maintain financial control and optimize revenue with a comprehensive system for managing telehealth transactions and revenue.

Manage Review Icon
Manage Review

Strengthen patient relationships and improve care delivery by easily gathering and responding to patient feedback through online reviews.

Reports & Analytics Icon
Reports & Analytics

Optimize your telehealth practice with in-depth reports and advanced analytics. Gain insights into patient demographics, appointment trends, utilization rates, and key performance.

Business Intelligence Icon
Business Intelligence

Empower informed decision-making and transform your telehealth practice with comprehensive Business Intelligence capabilities.

Custom Branding Icon
Custom Branding

Maintain brand consistency and build patient trust by customizing your clinic’s logo, colors, and messaging.

Ecommerce Icon

E-commerce integrates seamlessly with global payment gateways to streamline the online checkout process for customers and invoice generation.

Connect With Providers Icon
Connect with Providers

Build a robust telehealth network by easily connecting and collaborating with qualified healthcare providers to expand your service offerings and meet diverse patient needs.

Manage Patients Icon
Manage Patients

Enhance patient relationships and deliver exceptional care with a comprehensive patient management system.

Manage Appointment Icon
Manage Appointment

Maintain control over your telehealth schedule and improve patient experience by leveraging a centralized appointment management system.

Alerts & Reminders Icon
Alerts & Reminders

Boost patient engagement and reduce no-shows by leveraging automated appointment reminders and customizable telehealth notifications.

Manage Multiple Providers Calendars Icon
Manage Multiple Providers Calendars

Empower staff, streamline workflows, and improve patient experience with a unified system for managing multiple telehealth provider calendars.


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