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Take Online billing to the next level with Omniva Telehealth Solution

Go online with Omniva Telehealth. Don't just process payments but revolutionize your revenue cycle. Streamline your workflow, eliminating tedious tasks and maximizing efficiency.

How it works?

Setup Hassle Free Online Billing
Setup hassle free online billing

Accept payments easily with online billing. The secure platform integrates seamlessly with various gateways, giving patients their preferred choice.

Service & Clinic Based Billing Setup
Service & Clinic based billing setup

Centralized billing for all services and clinics with Omniva. Easily manage locations and simplify the billing process.

Automated Invoice & Insurance Claims
Automated invoice & insurance claims

Save time and reduce errors with automated invoicing and claims. Enable the automatic generation of invoices based on your services.

Reports & Analytics
Reports & Analytics

Make data-driven decisions and access comprehensive reports and analytics. Omniva provides insightful dashboards to track key metrics and identify trends.


Leading Telehealth Platform Development Software Specifically Designed To Serve The Unique Needs of Clinics and Healthcare Professionals.

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Omniva Features

Mobile Apps Icon
Mobile Apps

Enhance operational efficiency, improve patient communication, and provide a seamless healthcare experience with a custom mobile app.

Patient Portal Icon
Patient Portal

Foster patient engagement and improve care coordination with a secure, user-friendly patient portal.

Support Staff Portal Icon
Support Staff Portal

Powerful portal to access essential resources, manage schedules and appointments, collaborate seamlessly, and ultimately deliver exceptional patient care.

Secure & Hippa Compliant Icon
Secure & HIPPA Compliant

Secure portal ensures your patient data meets HIPAA regulations, allowing you to focus on what matters most – providing excellent care.

Secure Audio & Video Call
Secure Video & Audio Call

Revolutionize patient care with secure, HIPAA-compliant video and audio calls. Increase access, improve convenience, and build stronger patient relationships.

E Prescription & Clinical Notes Icon
E-Prescription & Clinical Notes

Streamline workflows, reduce medications errors and enhance patient care with e-prescription and secure, collaborative clinical note taking.


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General FAQ’s

Frequently asked question

Absolutely! Online billing eliminates the need for paper invoices and statements, saving time and reducing clutter.

Yes, Omniva prioritizes security. Our platform uses robust security measures to ensure the protection of all transactions and patient data.

We integrate with various payment gateways, allowing patients to choose their preferred method credit card, debit card, etc.

Patients can easily access and manage their statements and invoices through a secure patient portal.

Patients can access their statements and billing history easily through the secure patient portal in case of doubts.