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Enhance Patient Care Through The Mobile Apps

Streamline your workflow and empower better patient communication with our intuitive mobile app. Effortlessly schedule appointments, access detailed medical records, and receive real-time updates - all with your phone.

How it works?

Patient & Physician Communication
Patient & Physician Communication

Facilitate seamless communication and collaboration between you and your patients with a more collaborative healthcare experience.

Secure Audio & Video Calls
Secure Audio & Video calls

Enhance consultations with secure video & audio calls all within one platform while keeping patient information secure.

Branded Mobile App
Branded Mobile App

Empower patients and streamline operations with secure, branded mobile apps, keeping them informed and involved in their healthcare journey.


Leading Telehealth Platform Development Software Specifically Designed To Serve The Unique Needs of Clinics and Healthcare Professionals.

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Omniva Features

Secure Audio & Video Call
Secure Video & Audio Calls

Revolutionize patient care with secure, HIPAA-compliant video and audio calls. Increase access, improve convenience, and build stronger patient relationships.

E Prescription & Clinical Notes Icon
E-Prescription & Clinical Notes

Streamline workflows, reduce medications errors and enhance patient care with e-prescription and secure, collaborative clinical note taking.

Digital Patient Forms Icon
Digital Patient Forms

Streamline patient intake with secure, digital forms for faster check-ins and more accurate information.

Online Billing Icon
Online Billing

Offer convenient online payment options for patients and expedite reimbursements with a secure billing system.

Appointment Scheduling Icon
Appointment Scheduling

Simplify appointment management with a user-friendly system that reduces wait times and optimizes patient flow.

Patient Portal Icon
Patient Portal

Foster patient engagement and improve care coordination with a secure, user-friendly patient portal.


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General FAQ’s

Frequently asked question

No, Omniva offers a unified platform with customized interfaces for both patients and healthcare providers.

Yes, Mobile apps use secure connections and encryption to protect patient data.

Yes, security is our top priority. The mobile app uses the same robust security measures as the core Omniva platform, ensuring HIPAA compliance and data privacy.

We provide downloadable links for both iOS and Android app stores. You can also share a QR code for easy access.

No, patients can use their existing login credentials for the web platform and the mobile app.