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Strengthen Your Impact as a Social Worker with Omniva

Streamlines workflows and automates tasks, giving you more time to make a real difference in the lives you serve.

Omniva’s Features for Social Workers

Secure Video Conferencing Icon
Secure Video Conferencing

Connect with patients remotely through HIPAA-compliant video calls, fostering trust and reducing barriers to care.

Integrated Teletherapy Tools Icon
Integrated Teletherapy Tools

Utilize features like screen sharing, digital whiteboards, and document sharing to enhance remote therapy sessions.

Client Engagement Tools Icon
Client Engagement Tools

Send secure messages, appointment reminders, and educational resources to patients directly through the platform, promoting better engagement.

Comprehensive Case Management Icon
Comprehensive Case Management

Organize client details, track progress notes, and manage appointments efficiently within a centralized, secure platform.

Collaboration Features Icon
Collaboration Features

Share information securely with other social workers, healthcare providers, and support staff involved in a client’s care.

Why Is Omniva The Best Software To Build Your Telehealth Platform?

Secure Sessions
Secure Sessions

Ensure patient privacy with HIPAA-compliant video calls. Keep your conversations confidential and protect sensitive health information.

Flexible Scheduling
Flexible Scheduling

Accommodate your patients’ busy schedules with easy appointment booking and automated reminders. Reduce no-shows and improve efficiency.

Efficient Documentation
Efficient Documentation

Take secure notes, record sessions with patient consent, and generate reports directly within the platform. Streamline your workflow and improve patient care coordination.

Simplify Billing
Simplify Billing

Manage patient billing effortlessly. Submit insurance claims and generate invoices electronically through Omniva’s integrated system.

Team Collaboration
Team Collaboration

Communicate securely with other social workers and care team members directly within the platform. Ensure coordinated care for your patients.

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General FAQ’s

Frequently asked question

Yes, Omniva complies with HIPAA regulations to ensure client privacy and data security

We offer integrations with various EHR systems. Check our compatibility list or contact us

We offer flexible pricing plans. Get a free quote based on your needs.

Yes, Omniva is designed with a user-friendly interface for social workers of all tech levels.

Yes, we provide ongoing support via email, chat, and phone.