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Experience crystal-clear video and audio calls protected by industry-leading security features. Keep conversations secure with end-to-end encryption for complete peace of mind. Secure video conferencing and place privacy first without sacrificing call quality.

How it works?

Remote Video & Audio Calls
Remote Video & Audio Calls

Omniva enables connecting over video & audio Calls remotely with crystal-clear call quality, end-to-end encryption and security for worry-free privacy.

1 1 Appointment
1:1 appointment

Enhance consultations with secure video appointments & screen sharing with patients to enhance communication and diagnosis.

Group Calls
Group Calls

Set up secure video calls that allow several participants, making it perfect for consultations, or support group meetings.

Hippa Compliant
HIPPA compliant

Ensure complete privacy for your discussions with HIPAA compliance. Ensure your video and audio calls strictly meet healthcare privacy regulations.


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Omniva Features

Appointment Scheduling Icon
Appointment Scheduling

Simplify appointment management with a user-friendly system that reduces wait times and optimizes patient flow.

E Prescription & Clinical Notes Icon
E-Prescription & Clinical Notes

Streamline workflows, reduce medications errors and enhance patient care with e-prescription and secure, collaborative clinical note taking.

Digital Patient Forms Icon
Digital Patient Forms

Streamline patient intake with secure, digital forms for faster check-ins and more accurate information.

Online Billing Icon
Online Billing

Offer convenient online payment options for patients and expedite reimbursements with a secure billing system.

Mobile Apps Icon
Mobile Apps

Enhance operational efficiency, improve patient communication, and provide a seamless healthcare experience with a custom mobile app.

Patient Portal Icon
Patient Portal

Foster patient engagement and improve care coordination with a secure, user-friendly patient portal.


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General FAQ’s

Frequently asked question

Yes, this feature is secure as it is end-to-end encrypted.

Yes, Omniva is completely HIPAA-compliant.

Yes, it takes no time to switch with another device.

Yes, we offer a demo that will give you an overview of Omniva’s most popular features.

The number of participants depends on your plan, but Omniva offers options for both small and large groups.