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Industry challenges

Healthcare Industry Roadblocks

Time Consuming
Time consuming

Health insurance approval is time consuming for doctors due to the administrative tasks involved in authorizing prescriptions and convincing insurance companies to bear the cost of the treatment.

Process Complications
Process complications

The need for specific policies and forms in insurance coverage have increased. This makes it difficult to stay updated with changing needs.

Delay In Patient Care
Delay in Patient care

Patients who don’t get timely treatment due to delay in insurance cover understand the real benefits of prior authorization.

Features of Prior Authorization

Exploring Key Features of Prior Authorization

Electronic Submission New Img
Electronic Submission

With our prior authorization solution, healthcare providers can send requests to insurance companies electronically which helps get the review and approval easily. It saves time, reduces errors and speeds up the process.

Real Time Eligibility Verification New Img
Real-Time Eligibility Verification

Our solution enables checking for eligibility in real time that helps know the status of the insurance cover, provides precise estimates and avoids delay in treatment.

Decision Support And Clinical Guidelines Integration New Img
Decision Support and Clinical Guidelines Integration

Our prior authorization solution is integrated with tools that offer clinical guidelines and decision support. Healthcare providers can find out if a particular treatment aligns with the medical guidelines so that the patient will likely get prior authorization.

Secure and reliable Prior Authorization platforms

Prior Authorization App Development Features

Integration With Ehremr Systems
Integration with EHR/EMR Systems

Our prior authorization solution’s integration with EHR and EMR systems makes it easier for healthcare providers to view patient records.

Medical Billing Integration
Medical Billing Integration

As Knovator’s solution is integrated with billing systems, there is an assurance of accurate billing, much to the patient’s delight.

Alerts And Notifications
Alerts & Notification

Our solution notifies healthcare providers of the status of requests made for prior authorization with timely alerts.

Development Process

Here’s how we develop the Patient engagement solution

Reach out to us

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Understand & Evaluate Idea

  • We understand and analyze your idea
  • creating a strategic workflow

Sign NDA & Contract

  • Upon signing the NDA and contract
  • our team will promptly start the software development for you.

Prepare Plan

  • Includes estimates
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Start Working

  • After you finalize the contract
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Our Happy Customers

General FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s a system that streamlines the approval process for medical treatments, ensuring insurance coverage before procedures, reducing delays and administrative burdens.

Prior Authorization solutions optimize treatment planning, minimize claim denials, and enhance efficiency by ensuring treatments align with insurance guidelines.

Yes, our solution enables electronic submission of prior authorization requests, speeding up the process and promoting real-time communication between providers and payers.

In some cases, patients may need to provide consent or information, but our solution largely facilitates provider-payer communication to expedite approvals.

Yes, our solution is designed to integrate with multiple insurance companies, ensuring seamless communication and streamlined prior authorization processes across different payers.