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All-in-one solution for Telehealth Platform For Group Practices

Empower your team and enhance patient care with a comprehensive telehealth platform designed specifically for group practices.

Omniva’s Features for Group Practice

Secure Video Conferencing Icon
Secure Video Conferencing

Conduct secure & high-quality video consultations with patients from anywhere, fostering a strong patient-provider connection.

Easy Appointment Scheduling Icon
Easy Appointment Scheduling

Offer patients flexible scheduling options and automated appointment reminders, minimizing disruptions for your team.

Integrated E Prescribing Icon
Integrated E-Prescribing

Send prescriptions electronically with ease, streamlining workflows and improving medication adherence.

Secure Patient Portal Icon
Secure Patient Portal

Provide patients with a secure platform to manage appointments, access medical records, and communicate with your practice.

Customizable Branding Icon
Customizable Branding

Maintain your practice’s brand identity with a telehealth platform that reflects your unique look and feel.

Why Is Omniva The Best Software To Build Your Telehealth Platform?

Effortless Setup & Management
Effortless Setup & Management

Get started in minutes and manage everything from a single, user-friendly platform. Reduce administrative burdens and free up your team to focus on what matters most – patient care.

Hippa Compliant
Secure & HIPAA-Compliant

Ensure patient privacy and data security with industry-leading encryption and HIPAA compliance. Build trust and peace of mind for both your patients and your practice.

Scalable Growth
Scalable for Growth

Accommodate your growing practice seamlessly. Omniva adapts to your needs, whether you’re a small group or a large multi-specialty practice.

Teletherapy Sessions Made Easy
Enhanced Patient Engagement

Offer convenient virtual care options, improving patient satisfaction and adherence to treatment plans.

Enhanced Patient Engagement
Improved Collaboration & Communication

Facilitate seamless communication within your team and with patients, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Reduced Overhead Costs (1)
Reduced Overhead Costs

Eliminate the need for in-person visits and improve operational efficiency, leading to cost savings for your practice.

Powerful Reporting & Analytics
Powerful Reporting & Analytics

Gain valuable insights into your telehealth practice with detailed reports and analytics, allowing you to optimize care delivery.

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General FAQ’s

Frequently asked question

No, Omniva is designed for ease of use. Our user-friendly interface requires minimal technical expertise; you can get started in minutes.

Omniva prioritizes patient privacy and data security. We utilize industry-leading encryption methods and adhere strictly to HIPAA compliance regulations, ensuring that all patient data is kept safe and confidential.

Absolutely! Omniva’s scalable architecture adapts to your practice’s size and needs. Whether you’re a small group just starting or a large multi-specialty practice, Omniva can accommodate your growth seamlessly.

While we don’t offer direct integration with every EHR system, we continuously expand our integrations. Contact us to discuss your EHR system and explore potential integration options.

Omniva provides comprehensive customer support, including helpful resources, tutorials, and a dedicated support team to answer your questions and ensure a smooth experience.