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A leading company in medical event management approached us with challenges in offline management, audience engagement, and networking. We developed an innovative digital solution to address these issues.


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Problem statement of the client

Client faced challenges in assurer reliability and property data management. We provided effective solutions.

Offline management of medical events

Our client Tarun faced the challenges of manually managing medical events, causing inefficiencies and potential errors. They needed a more innovative approach to streamline event logistics, attendee registration, and data management, allowing them to focus on delivering seamless experiences for participants.

Managing multiple tracks of a particular event

Organizing medical events with multiple tracks proved challenging for Tarun. Managing schedules, speakers, and resources across parallel sessions became overwhelming. They sought a solution that could effortlessly handle the complexities of managing simultaneous tracks, ensuring smooth coordination and optimized learning opportunities.

Calendar management of events

Tarun struggled with effectively managing event calendars, leading to scheduling conflicts and confusion among participants. They desired a reliable system that would simplify event scheduling, maintain an organized calendar, and provide real-time updates to stakeholders, guaranteeing a well-integrated event experience.

Audience Engagement

Engaging the audience during medical events was a priority for Tarun. They recognized the need to go beyond passive participation. They desired interactive elements such as live polls, Q&A sessions, and networking opportunities to foster engagement and create a vibrant atmosphere for knowledge exchange.

Limited networking effect

Despite organizing numerous medical events, Tarun struggled to create a robust networking environment among attendees. They aimed to enhance connections and collaboration by leveraging AI-powered matchmaking, dedicated networking sessions, and digital platforms that would facilitate meaningful interactions and forge lasting professional relationships.

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The Process

The process statement outlines our steps to address client’s challenges and develop a digital solution that meets their needs. This involved thorough research, creating mockups, and launching the final product. The following sections provide a detailed overview of the process.

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We extensively researched the problem areas and pain points in managing medical events.

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Based on the research findings, we created mock-ups of the proposed mobile application to help visualize and refine the solution. The mock-ups included a guest directory, speaker list, event agenda, quiz and poll creation, and event layout.

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Development and Launch

After refining the solution based on the mockups, we launched the mobile application, allowing them to manage over 200 events with ease successfully.


To accomplish the goals of the client’s project, we skillfully integrated multiple technologies. The project relied heavily on utilizing Node and Angular, which played key roles in ensuring its success. These technologies enabled us to deliver a robust and efficient solution to meet the client’s requirements.

Node.js Developer

The backend of the client’s app was developed using Node.js. This platform provided a scalable, high-performance environment for running server-side applications. Using Node.js also allowed for fast and efficient data exchange between the client and the server.


The front end of the client’s app was developed using Angular. This JavaScript-based framework provided rich tools for building interactive and dynamic user interfaces. Angular was instrumental in developing the app’s user-friendly interface and helped ensure smooth naviga
tion and a seamless user experience.

The Solution

After addressing the client’s challenges, we devised a revolutionary solution that fully satisfied their needs. Our expert team successfully developed a mobile application tailored to their requirements, offering a comprehensive solution for their event management such as:

For Mobile application

Our team developed a user-friendly mobile application designed to tackle the challenges of managing medical events. Organizers could effortlessly create guest directories, manage speakers, and provide attendees with detailed event layouts, ensuring smooth navigation and access to essential information.

For Agenda

With the application’s integrated agenda feature, attendees had a comprehensive overview of the event schedule at their fingertips. They could plan their day, prioritize sessions of interest, and make the most out of the event experience.

For Quiz and polls

Engaging the audience was made simple through interactive quizzes and polls embedded in the application. Organizers could create engaging activities to gather feedback, encourage participation, and enhance the overall event interaction.

For Event layout

Attendees no longer needed to worry about getting lost or missing sessions. The application provided a detailed event layout, enabling attendees to navigate the venue effortlessly and find their way to desired sessions or booths.

For Announcements

Important updates and announcements were conveniently delivered through the application. Organizers could promptly inform attendees of any changes, share exciting news, or relay essential information, ensuring effective communication throughout the event.

Key Results

Tarun’s event management system has radically transformed with our innovative solution. The results exceeded their expectations, bringing significant progress and improvements.

Successful Event Support

We successfully catered to over 200 events, providing a seamless experience for organizers and attendees. Our digital solution streamlined event management processes, from registration to logistics, ensuring smooth execution and remarkable outcomes.

Enhanced Engagement and Networking

We fostered improved engagement and networking among attendees, creating a vibrant and interactive atmosphere. Our innovative features facilitated connections between participants, enabling them to exchange knowledge, collaborate, and establish valuable professional relationships.

Streamlined Event Management

We streamlined the management of medical events, eliminating manual processes and introducing automated systems. Our solution simplified tasks such as registration, session management, and resource allocation, freeing up valuable time for organizers to focus on delivering exceptional events.

Efficient Track Management

We enhanced efficiency in managing multiple tracks of events, ensuring seamless coordination and avoiding scheduling conflicts. Our solution effortlessly handled parallel tracks, offering diverse sessions and maximizing attendee choices, enriching the event experience.

Simplified Calendar Control

We simplified the calendar management of events by providing a centralized platform for scheduling, organizing, and updating event calendars. Our solution ensured events were well-coordinated, preventing overlap and ensuring a smooth flow of activities, resulting in a more organized and enjoyable experience for all.

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